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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gwyneth Paltrow Likes Filming 'Glee' More Than Her Movies

Gwyneth Paltrow has appeared twice as substitute teacher Holly Holliday on Glee, and she enjoyed the "frantic" pace of the show compared to the relatively relaxed pace of movie sets.

Gwyneth said in an interview with this week’s new! magazine: "I had such a good time. I went out to California for about 10 days and took the kids with me. I brought them out of school. I just loved doing that show.

"When I was first asked to do the show I had never seen it. I had heard it was a big hit, so I said, 'Yeah!' But it was tough. I’m used to a slower pace of shooting on a movie and this was really frantic. But I think I preferred it, actually."

Glee creator Ryan Murphy recently admitted having Gwyneth guest star on the show was a "dream come true," and they are already planning a third appearance by the Oscar winner.

He said: "Gwyneth Paltrow is going to come and do an episode soon, which is amazing. Having her come on the show is pretty much a dream come true -- she's always been one of my dream guests."


Des said...

I love Glee! :-) Thanks for following at bloggers...I'm following you via google connect! I'm still new with bloggers, still trying to get by...

Eonline is on my bookmark, that's how I'm into entertainment too :-D, would surely have a great time reading more of your posts.

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Letters From Home said...

I have to admit that I never really liked Gwyneth Paltrow til I saw her on Glee. Like your blog!

Supermodel Blogger said...

Ah ha! Another fellow fashion lover. I'm following your blog back. Thanks for the vote on blogger... look forward to getting to know ya!

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