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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nicole Kidman and Her Bliss of Parenthood

In an interview aired on Sunday Nicole Kidman confirmed that she has faced numerous issues with her fertility. With her ex-husband Tom Cruise she had adopted two children.
In 2008 after her marriage with country singer Keith Urban, Kidman gave birth to her first biological child Sunday Rose.
Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban astounded everyone in December by confirming the news of their second child, Faith. Their second child was given birth via a gestational carrier. She faced problems with fertility during her attempt to conceive her second child and was disheartened with the pain of failure.
Kidman showed her gratitude towards the women who helped her with the bliss of her second child. She was present in the room during the delivery of her child and described the feeling as ‘deeply emotional’
Nicole Kidman is a proud mother of four beautiful children and she claims that there is no feeling compared to the bliss of parenthood. It is feeling where nothing comes before your child and the love is unconditional.
Now she has two children with her husband, Urban Keith and is happy to find her soul mate in him. The family is residing in Nashville and Los Angeles these days.


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